Removing Spouse From Mortgage After Divorce

My Ex Has Not Removed My Name From The Home Mortgage – My Ex Has Not Removed My Name From The marital home mortgage question: My ex-wife was awarded the marital home in the divorce decree, but she has yet to remove my name from the mortgage and deed as required by the agreement.

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How Do I Remove a Mortgage from My Credit Report After a. – You must work with your lender to possibly refinance the loan in order to have a mortgage removed from your credit report after divorce. credit bureaus cannot remove an account that is accurately reported to them by your lender. A divorce decree does not alter the contract with your lender or change the entry on your credit report.

Breaking up (with your mortgage) is hard to do. You and your spouse decide to part ways. Your "ex" will keep the dog and the bedroom furniture, while you get the house. But there’s a problem. In the eyes of your mortgage lender, the "ties that bind" aren’t legally severed until you remove your ex from the mortgage.

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Divorce Mortgage Options | – To help you understand what your options are, read the following ways to handle your divorce mortgage obligations. retain the Original Mortgage. Unfortunately, this is the option that many people unknowingly make when they get a divorce. In essence one spouse agrees to keep the home, but the mortgage isn’t changed after the divorce is finalized.

The Right Way to Remove Someone From Your Credit Card – Cardholders may also wish to separate their finances from a spouse or significant other due to a breakup, separation or divorce. In other situations. No matter what your reason is, here is how to.

Divorce And Mortgage Questions – – The answers to the divorce and mortgage questions below can help you be aware of your options concerning the family home and who will be held liable for the monthly payments. find out who is ultimately responsible for the mortgage, what is required to get your name off the original loan, what happens when a spouse defaults on the mortgage, and.

Removing Ex-Spouse From Mortgage After Final Divorce – How To Go About Removing Ex-Spouse From Mortgage After Divorce. The best way in removing ex-spouse from after a divorce is by refinancing current home loan and get the ex-spouse off the mortgage. If you surrendered your property to your ex-spouse, make sure he or she refinances the loan and get your name off the mortgage

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